Dominique Messier

Celine Dion

French-Canadian drummer Dominique Messier played his first concert with super-diva Celine Dion in August 1995. The enormous success of the two albums Celine has released since (not to mention her colossal hit single, "My Heart Will Go On," the love theme from the film Titanic) has catapulted Messier into a life on the road. His second world tour with Celine, slated to last two years, commences this summer, playing to fans across the US, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. It is a life he enjoys, Messier says, "Because I see the world, the musicians are treated well, and we are like family."

At home in Montreal, Messier is also a busy studio drummer. He performs for Canadian television, and runs a recording studio. He has also played on four albums with Cirque du Soleil, (the travelling circus nouveau), including their hugely successful recording "Alegria". Messier also records with Roch Voisine, a singer popular in French Canada and Europe.

Messier began playing a snare drum at age 8, and at 14 he started a rock band. Influenced by early Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, and James Taylor, the drummer-percussionist played both folk and jazz gigs in college.

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