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Fajardo Jr. (the stage name given to him by friends and fellow musicians) was born in New York City on January 29, 1972. Raised in a musical family, Fajardo Jr. began playing congas at three, and learned to play timbales the following year. At the age of three, Fajardo Jr. began his musical career with father Jose Fajardo, a flautist and leader of the world-renowned Cuban orchestra "Fajardo Y Sus Estrellas".

Fajardo Jr. made his first TV appearance in 1975 and in 1977, performed with his father in Africaon a tour sponsored by RMM. As a young child his father taught him to play the flute and to read music. By the time he was six, Fajardo Jr. was exposed to top Latin musical promoters and professionals who referred to as "El Nino Prodigio."

In high school, he continued to learn to read music and play the flute. He was appointed second flute chair for his high school concert band. Fajardo Jr. was also drum captain for the school's concert, jazz and marching bands. His first love was and will always remain timbales and percussion. As a musician, he developed his own style by watching and learning from famous artists like Tito Puente, Johnny Almendra and others.

Throughout the years, Fajardo Jr. has had the privilege of performing worldwide with the likes of Johnny Pacheco, Oscar D' Leon, Jose Alberto (El Canario), La Sonora Mantancera, Johnny Ray, Grupo Imagen, Luisito Carrion, Pedro Jesus, Cano Estremerra, Johnny Almendra, Tito Puente, Sheila E., Nino Segarra, Cachao and many more. He has performed in many famous nightclubs throughout New York and Miami including the Copacabana, Latin Quarters, La Maganette, Casa Blanca, Corso, Casino, Casino 14, The Palm Tree, Club Mystique and many more.

Fajardo Jr. has recorded with many top Latin artists including his father, Jose Fajardo, Javier Vasquez (Sonora Mantancera), David Cedeno, Grupo Imagen, Glen Vargas, Felipe Mercado among others. He has also appeared on numerous TV shows including Siempre en Domingo, El Show de Rolando, El Show de El Medio Dia, Access Hollywood, Primera Edicion, and Salsa en La Calle.

Fajardo Jr. is currently the musical director of his father's band, Fajardo Y Sus Estrellas, and helps keep his father's musical style and dream alive.

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