Felipe Pipe Alzate



Best known for performing worldwide with Colombian rock star, Juanes, percussionist Felipe "Pipe" Alzate began his career as a self-taught musician in his native Medellín, Colombia. As Pipe’s appetite for music grew, he traveled to the countryside in order to learn from reputed masters of Colombian folklore. In 1999, he also was fortunate to be able to study with famed Cuban percussionist, Yaroldy Abreu in Havana, Cuba. Pipe believes that this experience forever changed his approach to music and learning.

In addition to performing with Juanes, Pipe has also worked with groups and artists such as Ekhymosis, Enanitos Verdes, Molotov and Coffeemakers, among many others. Since 2007, Pipe has been actively producing music for emerging Colombian artists, including Medellín’s underground Salsa queen Mildred Herrera (of El Son de Mildred), with whom he created a raw and rootsy mixture of Colombian and Cuban rhythms.