Felipe Torres

Performer & Educator

Felipe Torres is a drummer, recording artist, and educator who has played throughout the US, Japan, and Canada. He has appeared on the CBS Morning Show, TV Land, the Biography Channel, The View and the Modern Drummer Festival in 2008.

Felipe was born in Germany, and spent his young childhood in Colombia until age four. He has resided in NYC area for the last several decades. He started playing drums at 14 with a private teacher, and in high school he played in every group he could — from a marching band to chorus — and was voted Band President by senior year.

It was that year when Felipe started taking lessons at New York City's Drummers Collective with such notables as Memo Acevedo, Sandy Gennaro, Mike Clark, Ian Froman, Guy Licata, Vince Cherico, and Gary Kelly. Through the years, Felipe also studied privately with Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Robby Ameen, Matt Johnson, Kenny Aronoff, Carmine Appice, Billy Ward, and Joe Ascione.

Felipe has been playing drums professionally for the last 15 years. He has toured in the US and Canada with The Monkees, Dreamworks Artists OURS, Road Runner Records and Peter Karp, and for the last 11 years as drummer/back-up vocalist for the Davy Jones Band. He is currently in the progressive/fusion/rock trio, In Musth, and also tours with Grammy nominee Bobby Messano. He also finds time to play with the NYC band, Senator and The New Republic.

As a session drummer, Felipe prides himself on his instincts, adding just what the music needs, for any style or performer, which makes him an in-demand musician.

Teaching for the last 15 years has led Felipe to perform clinics around the US as well as produce his own online video series, Flip of the Week. He teaches all levels from beginners to advanced players on drum set, orchestral percussion, reading, rudiments, and various styles of music.

For lessons, performances, and more please check out Felipe at YouTube.

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