Jeong Jeong-bae

Orquesta Cobana

Percussionist Jeong Jeong-bae was born on September 9th, 1955 and worked as a performing musician for KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Orchestra through his twenties and late thirties. At 37, he studied Latin music in Brazil and then in New York.

In 1998 after seven years of studying and performing Latin music, Jeong returned to Korea and formed Orquesta Cobana, a Latin Jazz big band. The band established itself as the biggest Latin band in Korea and it has been very active ever since.
For the past twelve years Jeong lectures as a professor at Korea National University Art and in 2008 he released a double record with Orquesta Cobana titled Gracias. Jeong also manages World Rhythm Center, a percussion institute where he gives free monthly lectures and concerts on Latin music.  

Jeong is currently creating a new genre by combining Korean music with Latin music using Latin Percussion instruments.