Jim Greiner

Clinician, Educator & Drum Circle Leader

Jim Greiner is an internationally acclaimed, multiple award-winning percussionist, educator, community drumming leader and inspirational speaker based in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area of California.

He is a pioneer in the worldwide community drumming movement, and is recognized as one of the country’s leading percussion educators. As a member of LPʼs Education Advisory Council, Jim regularly conducts clinics and drum circles for LP and recorded the award-winning LP DVD, Community Drumming For Health & Happiness with Jim Greiner. He is also head contributor for LPʼs Recreational and Community Program. He is responsible for drumming articles, lessons, instructional videos, and answers reader’s questions on communitydrumming.com.

Jim has been playing percussion since 1970, including two years in Africa where he was profoundly moved by the power of rhythm to uplift and unify people. He performs regularly at corporate events domestically and internationally. He also plays a wide range of musical styles with dance bands and theater companies at festivals often with Soul singer Sista Monica Parker. He has recorded sessions on hundreds of albums.

Jim began teaching and conducting community drumming programs in the 1980s and is renowned for making drumming accessible for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Through his own company, Hands-On! Drumming® Events, Jim has led over 3,000 corporate team-building rhythm programs worldwide, as well as meetings and conferences. He also conducts community-building drum circles worldwide for community groups, schools and private celebrations of all types.

Jim’s award-winning Rhythm Power® workshops and instructional DVDs are also a fun way for people around the world to use percussion playing as a vehicle for reinforcing real world Life Skills and positive Life Rhythms, such as:
• Releasing Stress
• Reinforcing Positive Patterns of Attitude & Action
• Enhancing Clarity & Focus
• Integrating Mind & Body
• Creating Positive Relationships
• Celebrating the Blessings of Life!

Jim’s work has been featured on PBS, NPR, BBC, Discovery Channel (South America), Drum! Magazine, New Age Journal, Meetings West Magazine, among other industry  publications. Greiner’s awards and accolades include being a seven-time winner of Drum! Magazines annual Readers Poll Awards for Percussion Clinician of the Year, Percussion Instructional Video of the Year, and Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year (the only person to have won in this category more than twice).

Jim also worked with LPʼs design team to develop the LP Jim Greiner Shekere, which combines modern, materials for strength and durability while projecting the sound and feel of the traditional West African instrument.

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Jim Greiner on the Jingle Qube (NAMM 2012)
Jim Greiner on the Single and Double Row Tambourines (NAMM 2012)
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Jim Greiner Demonstrates his LP Signature Shekere
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Jim Greiner: Drum Circle Fundamentals
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Jim Greiner on the LP Vari Tone Shaker
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