Kristian Diaz


Born into a family of musicians, Kristian Diaz was introduced to music at very young age by his grandfather and father’s music, which featured the traditional rhythms of southern Mexico. Kristian and his brother studied East African percussion as teenagers. In 1995, they formed the group, Sangbarala Percussion. They enjoyed learning and playing many different musical genres including Jazz, Latin Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Pop, Salsa, Cumbia, Traditional African Ensemble, Samba and Prehispanic Music (Aztec).

Kristian has accompanied various musicians throughout Mexico and the United States including Emmanuel, Kit Holmes, Romulo Castro, Guillermo Anderson, and George Voland to name just a few. Theater and dance hold a special place in his heart and he frequently accompanies the Cora Flores' Dance Company.  Professional highlights of his career include performing at the Auditorio Nacional, Sala Miguel Covarruvias, Centro Nacional de las Artes (CNA), among others.

Currently, Kristian resides in Austin, Texas where he works as an independent percussionist. He can be heard jamming at the famous Antone's Nightclub with local bands.  Recently, he was featured on MTV's Latin counterpart, MTV Tres. He also enjoys teaching and has been instructing students in African Percussion for the past ten years.

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Sangbarala Percusion Solo African traditional Djembe
Cajon solo Sangbarala Percusion
Clase de Percusion para niños Sangbarala MACRU part 1.
Clase de Djembe Sangbarala Percusion KUKU