Martha Paredes


Martha Paredes, born in Caracas, Venezuela, began playing “el cuatro”, a Venezuelan national instrument, at an early age. She was encouraged by her father Manuel Paredes, renowned Venezuelan drummer known as “El Frances”, who wisely introduced her to the rhythms of jazz, rock, world music, and other genres.

At the age of nine, Martha began playing Latin percussion. Under the guidance of Professor Neville "Pichi" Ainsle, she began eight years of studies on timbales, congas, and bongos. With her teacher’s recommendation, she became part of the female band, Pop Latin Girl. At that point Martha began to define her career as a timbalera, and, later, joined the groups Instrumental y Voces from Universidad Simón Bolívar and Combolution.

While in these groups, Martha performs many styles of music, including Latin American, folklorist, and contemporary. During her tenure with Combolution, she had the opportunity to share the stage with many of Venezuela’s famous artists including Alfredo Naranjo, Gerry Weil, Marisela Leal, Mauricio Castro (Morito), Victor Cuica among others.

In 2002, Martha expanded and deepened her knowledge of music, by moving to Paris, France to study at the School of Jazz ARPEJ. While there she studied conga with noted percussionist, Orlando Poleo, with whom she performed in concert at the Salon du Chocolat. In Paris, she also had the privilege to work with Cristobal Soto, another Venezuelan musician, on Parrandas Venezolanas, a popular style of music in Venezuela. During the same time, she also had the opportunity to perform Latin jazz with Madrugada Orquesta directed by Nicholas Coyez.

Martha continues to advance her studies in music with various teachers and continues to become recognized for her accomplishments as a skilled percussionist. She currently is working with renowned duo, Chino & Nacho where she excels as multi-percussionist and vocalist. She also performs with several well-known Venezuelan bands including Yordano, Roque Valero, Franco & Oscarcito, as well as the new female salsa group Son Kribeñas.


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