Miguel Valdes

Independent, Composer & Educator

Miguel Valdes was born in Havana Cuba, surrounded by a musical family. Inspired by his father, “Miguelito” a famous percussionist and dancer. Miguel received his education at Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte in Havana, Cuba. His playing credits in Cuba include Richard Egües, Raúl Planas, Xiomara Laugart, La 440 Cubana, Emiliano Salvador, Carrasco y su Ley, among many others.

 Miguel has resided in Mexico City since 1993, where he has performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of tenor, Fernando de la Mora. Other performance credits include Gonzalo Romeu, the Orchestra 40 Grados, Ariadna, Denise de Kalaff, Elvis Crespo, Celio González, Alquimia y La Sonora XXI, Tony Pérez, Boby Caracasés, Chocolate Armenteros, Patato Valdéz, Celia Cruz, Cachao, Saxteto NY, and the Afro Cuban All Stars among others.

Miguel’s recording career has also been very prolific, recording with such notable artists Xiomara Laugart, Charanga Cubana, Emiliano Salvador, Judith Banalt, Olimpo Carvajal, Yomira Jhon, Ricardo Benítez, Brenda Cervantes, Jorge Luke, Osmany Paredes 2000 Latin Jazz, Orquesta 40 grados 2000 Timba Cubana, Tony Pérez and many others. Currently, Miguel is playing with Afro Cuban All Star Group.


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Kambalache Negro in the LP Studio (1)
Kambalache Negro in the LP Studio (2)
Yosmel Montejo & The Cuban Way ft. Ariacne Trujillo perform La Caliente for congahead.com
Miguel Valdes Project - Sheherazed
SaxtetoNY Performs
SaxtetoNY Performs
SaxtetoNY Performs