Oscar Santiago

Ill Nino & Puya

Oscar Santiago was born in New York, raised in Puerto Rico and has been living in Los Angeles since 2004. Both a drummer and percussionist, Oscar is a ten-year ambassador of Latin metal drumming, playing and recording with the likes of Ill Nino, Ankla, Puya and Ortiz. He has also collaborated with Dave Lombardo and Thomas Lang. Oscar's recording credits include Ill Nino - Enigma, Ankla - Steep Trails, Persistence, Puya - Areyto, Ramon Ortiz – Ortiz, among others.

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Proyecto de Ramón Ortiz- Eso eh
Puya - Areyto (Live Rock al Parque Bogotá, Colombia 04-07-2010)
Puya - Montate - Rock al parque 2010
puya   areyto & ride, san juan puerto rico 9-25-10
Ortiz Live @ Anfiteatro Tito Puente (12/1/2012)
Ill Niño - God Save Us LIVE in NYC 10/20/13
Puya Live Bahia Urbana HD (Song Medley)
Ill Niño - Forgive Me Father
Oscar Santiago on the LP City Congas
Oscar Santiago - Using the LP Surdo in Heavy Metal
Oscar Santiago on the LP Guira Bell
Oscar Santiago - Percussion in Metal
Oscar Santiago - The Metal Percussionist Breakdown