Pedro Pablo Rodriguez

La Rumba de Pedro Pablo

Pedro Pablo Rodriguez Mireles, a Cuban by birth, a native of Pinar del Rio province in the western end of the island.He began his career as a professional musician in the capital's Cabaret Parisien National Hotel. In 1998 he made his first international tour in Japan, promoting Cuban music and teaches percussion. Famous musical groups joined as the band of Jorge Luis Rojas "Rojitas" (the golden voice of Cuba), NG La Banda, led by José Luis Cortés (the Tosco) with whom he appeared at numerous stages in Europe, Asia and America. He was part of the set of Pius Leiva, El Montunero, accompanied to other speed in the Buena Vista Social Club and Eliades Ochoa and Amadito Valdes. He shared stage with important figures of Cuban culture and Juan Pablo Torres, Guillermo Rubalcaba, Paul FG, Mayito Rivera, Rolo Martinez, Teresa Caturla, Pedrito Calvo and Latin music celebrities, including Andy Montañez boricua.On arrival at Madrid in 2004 joined the project Habana Blues Band (created after the success of the film Habana Blues) in which was presented at numerous stages of the Iberian country, concerts with the Creative Big Band, Big Band Havana, Son of Gold, Kelvis Ochoa, Lucrecia, Yellow Lizards, Andy and Lucas, Blanca Romero, Ernan Lopez Nusa, Kelvis Ochoa, José Luis Rodríguez singer "El Puma", Javier Maso (Candy), Lulo Perez, Boris Larramendi, TelMarys, Alain Perez Jerry Gonzales.Among stands burned discs "Bach to Cuba," Emilio Aragon, "Neither you nor pa pa Me" from the Creative Big Band and a CD of Manu Tenorio (three words), Bebo Valdes recording the soundtrack for a movie the filmmaker Fernando Trueba. Galas for TV Castilla la Mancha, Ana Belén accompanying, Pastora Soler, Valderrama, Isabel Pantoja, Nuria Fergó and other stars of the Spanish culture. It was presented at the Summer Festival of Belgium and The Live Earth concert for the rythms of the World, in Hamburg, Germany. During his career are the creation of the group's rumba PEDRO PABLO, which is its director, concerts at various jazz clubs with Joshusa Ederman, Alain Pérez and Javier Maso, Jerry González, Pepe Rivero, presentation on disk BNK Madrid, Manu Tenorio, presentations and tours within and outside Spain with the renowned singer Luz Casal, promoting his latest album "The Passion".

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