Richie Gajate-Garcia


Richie Gajate-Garcia has conducted more than 450 clinics and remains one of the most in demand educators and clinicians. His superb technique is demonstrated on his DVDs, Adventures in Rhythm Volumes 1 and 2, produced by Latin Percussion.

Garcia has recorded and/or performed with Christopher Cross, Sting and Phil Collins, as well as worked on film scores for Jennifer Lopez' new film "Maid in Manhattan" and Eddie Murphy's latest "I-Spy," as well as "The Mummy Returns". He has toured with Diana Ross, Don Henley, Patti LaBelle, and Hiroshima. "I constantly look for new sounds," he says, "and I'm not completely partial to any one instrument, which I feel adds color and appeal to my playing".

Richie knows that percussion was a natural career choice for him. "I'm Puerto Rican, and percussion instruments are found all throughout our culture." Richie made the decision to play music full time while attending college at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Richie's main influences were his father (a percussionist with The Xavier Cugat Orchestra), Armando Peraza, Monchito Munoz (timbalero with Tito Rodriguez), Changuito, Candido Camero and Giovanni Hidalgo.

Richie collaborated with LP to create the popular Gajate Bracket and the RIchie Gajate-Garcia Signature Series Congas and Bongos.

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