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Born in Santiago, Chile, and raised in Brazil, Rodrigo Vasquez started his music career at age fourteen in Salvador, Brazil. He studied at the Music Conservatory of the University Federal in Bahia, Brazil and with master percussionist, the late Frank Malabe.

Constantly traveling from Brazil to Chile, he was one of the pioneers of the Brazilian batucadas in Chile. Between 1982 and 1990 he co-founded the first Salsa band in Bahia, Brazil, called Rumbahiana. He is credited to be one of the first percussionists to introduce bat'e1 drums in Brazil.

During his more than 25 year career, Rodrigo has played and recorded with many artists in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Portugal, France and Spain including Daniela Mercury, Adalberto Santiago, Ruben "El Negro" Rada, Carlinhos Brown, Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. to name just a few.

Rodrigo has participated in music festivals around the world including Montreux Jazz Festival, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, Perc Pan, Madrid International Jazz Festival, and Vi'f1a del Mar International Festival. He has also performed workshops in Chile, Brazil and Dominican Republic for Latin Percussion. 

In 2001, Rodrigo became Master Professor for the Percussion Department at Arcis University and in 2006 he was appointed Professor of Percussion for the Pop Music Program at the University of Chile. Currently, Rodrigo is giving private lessons for musicians in Europe.


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Rodrigo Vasquez/Batinkó in Madrid
Rodrigo Vasquez/Batinkó
rodrigo vasquez solo congas2
rodrigo vasquez solo congas1