Sunil De Silva

Performer & Educator

Born in Sri Lanka, Sunil De Silva began his career by touring Singapore with Sri Lankan band 'Savage'. From there, he relocated to Australia, first as a drummer, and later, because of his love of West African and Cuban rhythms, he began playing percussion. His influences include Giovanni Hidalgo, Mamady Keita, Batacumbele, Los Van Van and many others.

Sunil became one of Australia's foremost percussionists, recording at studio sessions for hundreds of albums, movie soundtracks and TV appearances. He has toured Australia and the world with numerous Australian bands including INXS, Midnight Oil, James Morrison, and Tommy Emmanuel. He has also toured with John Denver, Jermaine Jackson and Peter Allen, and appeared on televisions shows with John Denver, Bryan Ferry and José Feliciano.

More recently, Sunil performed for three months at the Luxor Theater in Las Vegas.  While in Vegas, Sunil got the opportunity to get to know fellow LP artist Ron Powell. Sunil says, "Ron's got to be the best showman percussionist I've ever seen."

Sunil has received numerous accolades including Best Latin Percussionist – Skin Full Awards, Recognizing Excellence in Australian Drumming, Best Studio Percussionist – Music Week Awards and Best Jazz Percussionist – Music Week Awards. He also taught at Billy Hyde’s Music Store in Sydney, Australia mentoring many young musicians.



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'Spain' Andrew Oh feat. Noel Elmowy, Simon Olsen, Victor & Abraham Rounds and Sunil Desilva
Canyons - Circadia / Under A Blue Sky
What's Going On, Mother Earth 30 year reunion
Rebecca Johnson Band - SUNIL DE SILVA & CON SETTINERI SOLOS-Live @ The Beach Hotel-Byron Bay (2004)
Kiss and Tell. Brian Ferry 'live' TV performance
The Right Stuff - Man in the Mirror
Pete Northcote with JENNY MORRIS live on HINCH
James Morrison
Pete Northcote with THE RIGHT STUFF live on MIDDAY
Congas & Drums - Sunil De Silva & Con Settineri - Songo @ AIM Clinic 2005