Vicki Randle


Former band member of the Tonight Show Band, Vicki Randle's passion for percussion was seen by millions of viewers. "When I first began playing there weren't many female role models to learn from" she recalls. "Fortunately I'm able to change that for the next generation of female percussionists."

The oldest of five children, Randle moved to the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1970's, and was encouraged to learn congas by drummer/percussionist Babatunde. She also studied with the esteemed Escovedo family in the San Francisco Bay Area. "It was looked on as an asset to have a woman percussionist, and Sheila E. had a lot to do with that," Vicki says. Randle also used her vocal and percussion talents with drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden in San Francisco.

Vicki Randle, the first female member of the Tonight Show Band, and has been an LP artist for many years. Her comments regarding LP shakers and cabasas have led to improvements in the quality of design of those instruments. 

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Vicki Randle: Dreaming