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Aquiles Priester was born in Otjo, South Africa. At the age of four he heard drum set playing for the first time. It was a transforming event. In November 1997 after playing drums for 12 years, Aquiles formed the band, Hangar, which played heavy metal cover songs before making their own music. Their first album was well received by critics and was promoted with a national tour. 

Hangar’s second recording “Nomad” was recorded in São Paulo, in 2000, immediately the band went on tour throughout Brazil to promote it. In 2001, Aquiles became the drummer for Angra and recorded the albums Rebirth (2001), Hunters and Prey (2002), Live in São Paulo (2003), Temple of Shadows (2004) and Aurora Consurgens (2006).

In 2004, Aquiles released his first instructional DVD, Inside My Drums, and promoted it by performing over 80 drum clinics and workshops. In 2006, Aquiles participated at the Drummer Live Festival, in London, and conducted his first workshops outside Brazil throughout Colombia, Portugal and Spain. 

In 2007, Aquiles dedicated himself to recording and releasing a new album for Hangar, The Reason of Your Conviction. Hangar toured throughout Brazil in 2008 and at the end of the year the band released a re-mastered version their debut album, Last Time – Was Just The Beginning. 

At the end of 2009, Priester recorded a new instructional DVD, The Infallible Reason of My Freak Drumming, where he emphasized his double bass technique and also presented a series of exercises that are the foundation of his evolution on the drums. 

Aquiles released his first official biography “Aquiles Octopus Priester – From Fan to Idol” at Expomusic 2010. Also that year, his DVD, The Infallible Reason of My Freak Drumming and his book on double bass techniques, Inside My PsychoBook – 100 Double Bass Patterns, were published worldwide by Mel Bay Publishing. 

In 2011, Aquiles performed at the Modern Drummer Festival, and was recognized in the Modern Drummer Readers Poll. He was ranked as 5th best Prog Drummer and his DVD, the Infallible Reason of My Freak Drumming, ranked 3rd as best instructional DVD. 

Modern Drummer Festival 2011: Aquiles Priester
Symbolic  - Death by Aquiles Priester
Aquiles Priester - PsychOctopus Solo
Aquiles Priester - Acid Rain (Inside My Drums)