Asami is an incomparably talented musician known for her expressiveness and dynamics. Her playing styles range from powerful and tight grooves to delicate ballads. She started learning Jazz dance from 3 years old, the drums at 5, piano at 6, and other percussion at 10. From then on she began songwriting.

In addition to performing seamlessly within genres such as Rock, Funk, Pop, R&B, Dance Music, Latin, Ethnic, Jazz, and Fusion, Asami has collaborated with performers of traditional Japanese instruments like Koto, Shakuhachi, and Taiko.

Asami's music is composed with unique takes on her experience through multiple styles of music. As a multi-instrumentalist, her work naturally takes her into other musical avenues such as radio DJ, studio session work, model, dancer and producer.

Over the past decade she has toured throughout the world as a percussionist, drummer, vocal, and dancer with various artists, including bassist TM Stevens. She has also released a solo album - Gimme Shelter - to worldwide acclaim.

Asami's LP equipment includes a beautiful set of champagne-colored Custom Congas, Bongos and Djembe.

Asami Birthday Concert 2011 『道成寺』 2011.1.16 TOKYO FM HALL
Asami&PLANET Ⅶ Concert 2004『Line』 2004.7.23 北とぴあつつじホール
LP NAMM Jam 2014