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Drummer Beto Hale was born in Mexico City where at an early age, he developed a love for all musical styles. When he was eight years old, Beto’s mother bought him a beginner’s drum set. At the age of ten, Beto studied classical guitar for one year before quitting to pursue the self-taught method. The first band he participated in performed at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and consisted of members who were no more than eleven years old.

In 1981, Beto’s dad gave him a professional drum set for Christmas, and during high school, Beto was a recognized performer and festival organizer. At the age of eighteen, he composed one of his first songs, Mujer de Plata, a tale of the love affair between a young man and the moon. By this time, Beto had added piano to his repertory of instruments, which served him well upon graduation when he accepted the position of second keyboardist for the popular teen pop band, Timbiriche.

After touring Mexico with Timbiriche, Beto enrolled in the prestigious CIEM Music School in Mexico City. After three years, Beto received a scholarship for his drum playing abilities to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston where he majored in Performance and Songwriting. While at Berklee, Beto won various singer-songwriter competitions, formed his own Jazz ensemble, and contributed to Musico Pro, a newly formed magazine for Spanish-speaking musicians.

In 1996, Beto moved to Manhattan where he worked for KMA Recording Studios and joined the pop/punk band The Cogs. Their recording, Viva! was released on England’s indie label, Damaged Goods. In 1998, Beto accepted an offer to work as Musico Pro’s Assistant Editor, and, soon afterward, as its Editor-in-Chief, in Boulder, Colorado. He conceived his first solo CD release, Sube, in 2001, recruiting world renowned players like Tony Levin, of Peter Gabriel fame. He also managed to get a Master’s in Composition from the University of Denver.

In March 2007, Beto Hale opened a new chapter in his career, moving to Los Angeles, epicenter of the music industry. Since his arrival, Beto has collaborated with some of the industry's top songwriters, including Alejandro Lerner, Ximena Muñoz and Dany Tomas. These collaborations led to a publishing contract with Pacific Latin Copyright.

In  2012, Beto ireleaed Rebirth his third album of original material.Hale co-produced the album with Chris “CJ” Boggs, a Nashville-based engineer and producer with whom the singer-songwriter has worked on his two previous productions, Sube and American Mythology. Marc Mann, of Danny Elfman and George Harrison fame, is the Associate producer and guitarist. All 10 songs feature the irresistible low-end lines of bass player extraordinaire, Tony Levin.

Beto Hale En Tus Labios, Lunario Mexico City