Billy Ashbaugh

Educator, Author & Performer

Billy Ashbaugh has been playing professionally for nearly 30 years. He has toured, recorded or performed with ‘NSYNC, Pat Benatar, Brian Littrell (Back Street Boys), Britney Spears, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Greg Howe, Gloria Estefan and many more.

Billy has also performed at the Modern Drummer Festival ‘02, PASIC ‘01 and NAMM ’05 & ‘07. His experience has led to over 60 television appearances including The Tonight Show (6 times), Saturday Night Live, MTV Music Awards, Grammy Awards as well as HBO and Pay Per View Concert Specials.

Billy currently has a DVD with Alfred Publishing entitled “Takin’ Care of Business” and is working on a method book that is soon to be released entitled “The Power of Three – Exploring Triplets Around The Drum Set”. Recently, he spent nearly two years as Head of Education for the drumming website During his work there, he posted over 250 online drum lessons available free to site members.

Billy can also be heard on the last two CD releases from Hedras Ramos, “New Sounds” and “Atoms and Space”.

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Drum Lesson: Billy Ashbaugh - 3 over 4 Linear Groove Part 2
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