LP Introduces Larger Eyebolt Cowbell Mounting System

Posted on December 3rd, 2014 by marcia.stevenson
New LP Eyebolt Cowbells Mounting System

Improvements Assure Secure Mounting of LP’s Rock Cowbells

LP did it! They took the perfect instrument, the cowbell, and improved it. Mounting your cowbell has never been quicker and easier. Now the mounting assembly’s eyebolt is spring-loaded and self-aligning, and accommodates 3/8” and 1/2” diameter tom arms. This new patent-pending mounting system is available on three models— LP007-N Rock Bell (MSRP – $65.99), LP008-N Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell (MSRP – $84.99) and LP009-N Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell (MSRP – $84.99).

New LP Cowbell  Mounting SystemVictor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said, “We wanted to take the best cowbells in the world and make them better. We thought about the basics and developed a patent-pending, spring-loaded eyebolt, which locks the bell into position, ready for mounting. Players will be able to mount them anywhere because they accept tom arms up to a 1/2-inch in diameter. These two advancements noticeably ease cowbell mounting and set up.”

LP’s 8-inch black Rock Cowbells are manufactured in the USA, feature the new patent-pending mounting system, and are manufactured from 14-guage steel, which provides added strength to withstand the hardest pounding. Designed for the drum kit player, they emit a rich, cutting sound that is low in pitch and moderately dry. The Rock Cowbell has an MSRP of $65.99. The Rock Ridge Rider and the Rock Classic Ridge Rider feature the Jenigor bar—red or yellow, respectively—that dampens sound, reduces stick breakage and resists denting, have an MSRP of $84.99.

Available at authorized LP dealers.

Players love the improvements:

“Of course, every band and song needs MORE COWBELL! But now you can even have MORE COWBELL POSITIONS! Latin Percussion’s new design makes it easy to place your cowbell anywhere and in any position due to its locking spring-loaded eyebolt and its ability to now accommodate a larger tom arm,” Mike Portnoy.

“Leave it to LP to improve an icon. Faster set up and stronger fastening means it’s not moving no matter how hard I hit, and the 1/2” diameter eyebolt takes the hell out of finding the right L,” Ray Luzier, KORN.

“I’ve played the cowbell since my early days In Guns N’ Roses; had to weld it to the stand. Problem solved with this cool, new updated version. A spring-loaded eyebolt that clamps on to a very sturdy tom arm, the ultimate Rock Cowbell for your kit: this is it,” Matt Sorum.

“Stop wondering if the cowbell will fit the ‘L’ bracket at the gig—the job is finished with this clamp—it always fits! It is so much easier to put a cowbell on tight and secure with this clamp. I know it’s not going to move the rest the night—clamp it, stamp it smash it—great idea LP,” Stephen Perkins, Jane’s Addiction.


LP Introduces The Cajon Accessory Pack

Posted on December 2nd, 2014 by marcia.stevenson
LP Cajon Accessory Pack

LP's three most popular cajon accessories are now available in one bundle.

LP has taken their three most popular cajon accessories — The Cajon Throne (LP1445), Foot Tambourine (LP188) and Small Cajon Castanet (LP433) — and packaged them as one grab-and-go item: The LP Cajon Accessory Pack (LPCP1). An incredible value, players get three favorite cajon add-ons together for an MSRP of $60.99.

Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said, “Among our growing list of cajon accessories, we saw that these three items were very popular with musicians and worked well together to enhance a player’s cajon performance. Bundling these them together makes any cajon a more comfortable, dynamic and versatile instrument and creates an affordable and convenient opportunity for any player to expand their sonic palette.”

In the hand-percussion market, the versatile and portable Cajon continues to increase in popularity and importance. The LP Cajon Accessory Pack makes individualizing the instrument quick and easy. The simple addition of the Cajon Throne adds comfort and eases playability. By slipping the durable elastic band easily and securely onto the player’s shoe, The Foot Tambourines shimmering jingles can be used to play a sound pattern, pulse or back beat. Cajon Castanets add a solid, bright crack to any cajon performance. Get the LP Cajon Accessory Pack, and make your instrument your own.

Available at authorized LP dealers.


LP Black Box Cajon Delivers Superior Sound at an Affordable Price

Posted on December 1st, 2014 by marcia.stevenson

LP Black Box Cajon

LP Introduces American-Made Black Box Cajon

LP’s new Black Box Cajon is the perfect synthesis between playability and affordability. Handmade in the USA, its smooth, sophisticated Black Matte Finish gives it a polished appearance, while the Baltic Birch front plate, usually found only on high-end cajons, serves up a clear, distinct tone. An incredible value with an MSRP of $149, the Black Box Cajon features fixed internal snare wires for plenty of projection, and distinct snare and bass tones.

Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said, “Our aim was to release an entry-level American-made cajon. We’ve surpassed that goal with the Black Box. The stylish Black Matte Finish and affordable price allow it to fit proudly and easily into any percussionist’s setup.”

Easily portable with a footprint of just 19″ H x 11″ W x 10 1/8” D, this cajon allows the player to easily fit in any live situation. The Black Box Cajon puts LP quality within any player’s reach.

Available at authorized LP dealers.