New LP Cajon Castanets Provides Accompaniment for Cajons

Posted on February 6th, 2013 by admin

LP Cajon CastanetsNew low-pitch and high-pitch castanets add a snappy sound to cajon beat.


Latin Percussion adds a new dimension to cajon sound with the introduction of the new LP Cajon Castanets. Available in low-pitch and high-pitch versions, the LP Cajon Castanets add a solid crack to a cajon’s sound, and easily attach to the side of any cajon with Velcro®.

Constructed of durable ABS plastic, LP low-pitch Cajon Castanets are available at an MSRP of $17.99 and $15.99 for the high-pitch castanets.

“LP’s new Cajon Castanets have a unique O-ring design for rope-free tension, and are quick and easy to install,” said Victor Filonovich, Director of Product for Latin Percussion.