LP Introduces American-Made Groove Cajon

Posted on June 27th, 2013 by marcia.stevenson
LP Groove Cajon

Handcrafted, durable and lightweight cajon that is comfortable to play.


Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the new LP Americana Series Groove Cajon (LP1427), made in the U.S.A. from hand-selected, 9-ply, plantation-grown Baltic birch. Featuring an adjustable front plate and fixed snare wires in a uniquely slim design, the LP Groove Cajon offers rich, deep bass tones while maintaining precise articulation and sensitivity. Every Americana Series Cajon is designed with angled top-front corners for added player comfort, as well as rubber feet that add stability on any playing surface.

“The Groove Cajon is ideal for a beginner or intermediate player seeking superior sound and beautiful craftsmanship at an affordable price,” said Victor Filonovich, Director of Product for Latin Percussion.

LP Americana Series Cajons

Posted on May 1st, 2012 by marcia.stevenson

Latin Percussion announced the release of its new Americana Series of Cajons. Manufactured entirely in the USA, Americana Cajons are constructed using hand-selected, 11-ply, plantation grown Baltic Birch, chosen for its superior durability and incredible resonance. The Americana Series makes its debut featuring three distinct models, a String Style cajon, a Snare Style model and a traditional Peruvian model. Each cajon is carefully made by hand using a uniquely engineered design and shape that optimizes the instrument’s acoustic performance and delivers a rich, satisfying tonal range. In addition, all of the materials used in the manufacturing of the Americana Series meet Phase II CARB Compliance and Lacey Act Standards.

“With the Americana Series, LP has a taken a giant leap forward in our Cajon offering,” said Victor Filonovich, Director of Product Management. “Months of research went into choosing the optimal selection of materials to maximize our advanced design and ultimately produce the best sounding cajons ever made.

What’s more, our decision to manufacture these instruments in the United States, near our world headquarters in Garfield, New Jersey affords us the opportunity to closely monitor product quality and continue to work with our manufacturing facility on developing more new instruments quickly and efficiently.”

To further ensure the quality of every Americana Series cajon, each instrument receives a final ten-point inspection by a quality control specialist before it is boxed to ship. The specialist closely examines each cajon and upon approval, hand signs an inspection certificate that is placed in the carton with the drum.

LP1437 LP Americana Cajon

The Americana String Style Cajon (LP1437) uses a hand-selected, exotic African Sapele wood front plate and highly responsive, custom-designed D’Addario® strings. The combination of the two results in a crisp vocalization that’s essential for the traditional Flamenco sound. LP’s state-of-the-art tuning mechanism is easy to reach and allows the player to control string sensitivity and tonal response with a standard drum key. The String Style Cajon features angled corners for added player comfort and measures 11 3/4″ x 11 7/8″ x 19″. MSRP for the String Style Cajon is $459.

LP1438 Americana Cajon

With a front plate made from hand-selected exotic lyptus and okoume wood, the Americana Snare Style Cajon (LP1438) uses Puresound® Custom Pro brass snare wires that produce a lively, sizzling articulation, that’s bright and resonant. Like the String Style model, the Snare Style Cajon has angled corners for player comfort and measures 11 3/4″ x 11 7/8″ x 19″. The American Series Snare Style Cajon has an MSRP of $429.

LP1439 Americana Cajon

To round out the introduction of the series, LP also created the Americana Peruvian Style Cajon (LP1439) The hand-selected, exotic African okoume wood front plate produces a wide spectrum of traditional Peruvian-style cajon sounds, from the highest-pitched slaps to the deepest, most thunderous bass tones. With its precision dovetail construction, the Peruvian Style Cajon measures 11 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ and carries an MSRP of $359.

“With the Americana Series, LP refused to settle for anything less than exceptional quality and premium performance,” said LP Vice President and General Manager Joe Vasko. “LP has a well-earned reputation for developing and producing the world’s greatest percussion instruments and the Americana Series of Cajons is no exception.”

Whether it be a percussionist needing a premium cajon to perform traditional world music or a drum set player looking for a portable rhythmic solution for “unplugged” gigs, the Americana Series Cajons from LP are among the most well-built, best sounding cajons in the world.