LP Combines Merengue and Salsa Sounds with New Guira Cowbells

Posted on September 11th, 2013 by marcia.stevenson

LP Guira Cowbells

Latin Percussion (LP) introduces a new addition to its line of premium, U.S.-made cowbells with two new guira cowbells. Handmade from quality stainless steel, the guira cowbell is designed with a textured surface that lets the cowbell also serve as a guira. The LP Guira Cowbell comes in hand-held (LP225H) and mountable (LP225) models. A scraper (LP335) is included with every hand-held model.

The LP Guira Cowbell (MSRP: $79.99 for LP225 mountable version, $75.99 for LP225H hand-held version) is now available at Authorized Latin Percussion Retailers.

“The new LP Guira Cowbells are the first of their kind to be made with U.S. stainless steel, which gives the cowbells a medium, dry tone,” said Victor Filonovich, Director of Product for Latin Percussion. “We worked with artists throughout meringue, salsa and pop music to dial-in the correct sounds for both the guira and the cowbell.”

LP Unveils Travis Barker Cowbell

Posted on January 1st, 2012 by marcia.stevenson

LP Travis Barker CowbellLatin Percussion is proud to announce the release of its Travis Barker Ridge Rider Cowbell. The 8-inch mountable bell features artwork originally designed by Brian “Pushead” Schroeder for the cover of Barker’s most recent album release “Give The Drummer Some.”

The bell is based on LP’s Salsa Sergio Bell, which has been Barker’s cowbell of choice for years.The bell’s pitch is slightly lower than the LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell and features a yellow Jenigor bar to dampen the sound and resist denting.

The Travis Barker Ridge Rider Cowbell (LP009-TB) has a white powder coated finish emblazoned with dye-sublimated graphics, which will not scratch of chip, even during the heaviest use. MSRP for the bell is $77.99.