LP Expands Brazilian Percussion Line with Six New Instruments

Posted on February 6th, 2013 by admin

LP TanTan & LP Rebolo

New options for percussionists wanting to integrate the Brazilian sound into their setup.

Latin Percussion is proud to announce the introduction of six new drums and accessories to its Brazilian percussion category: the Wood Timbau, Rebolo, Tan Tan, Chocalhos and Brass Cuica.

LP Wood Timbau
LP’s new Wood Timbau (MSRP: $400) has a 35″ inverted conical shell with a lacquered natural wood finish. The timbau is top-tuning, with eight lugs, a 14″ synthetic head and a non-slip rubber bottom. A drum key is included.

LP Tan Tan
Great for solid bass sound in smaller settings, the LP Tan Tan has a 27-1/2″ lacquered natural wood shell, a traditional hook-tuning system and non-slip rubber bottom. The 14″ dual-layer synthetic naugahyde drum head is designed to reduce overtones. The LP Tan Tan (MSRP: $349) comes with an adjustable strap.

LP Rebolo
The LP Rebolo, a smaller version of the Tan Tan, is ideal as an off-beat accompaniment to its larger cousin. Featuring an 18″ lacquered natural wood shell with 14″ synthetic head, the LP Rebolo (MSRP: $289) has a traditional hook-tuning system, a non-slip rubber bottom and comes with adjustable strap.

LP Chocalhos

LP Chocalhos
A staple in Samba music, LP Chocalhos are jingle sticks available in two sizes. LP Small Chocalhos (LP3601 – MSRP: $99) have three rows of five multi-jingles made of galvanized aluminum affixed to a lightweight aluminum frame. Large Chocalhos (P3602 – MSRP: $109) are made with three rows of five dual-jingles.

LP Brass Cuica
The LP Brass Cuica features an 8″ x 10-1/2″ brass shell with goatskin head and machined hardware with an innovative top-tuning design. The included playing stick provides a powerful response when rubbed with a wet cloth to generate sound within the drum. The LP Brass Cuica (MSRP: $299) comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.