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Posted on March 21st, 2012 by marcia.stevenson

Ray EnhofferRaymond J. Enhoffer 64 of Clifton died suddenly on Saturday, June 30, 2012. Born in Passaic, he was a lifelong Clifton resident. Raymond received a Bachelor of Music Degree from Julliard at Manhattan School of Music in NYC. He was employed has the Director of Research and Development at Latin Percussion in Garfield for 26 years prior to starting his own business, Filament Solutions in 2011.

Raymond is predeceased by his loving wife, the former, Karen Kaplysh, and by his parents Joseph and Susan Enhoffer. He is survived by his cherished daughter and best friend Kelly Enhoffer of Clifton, by his brother, Kenneth Enhoffer and wife, Beth of Sussex, by his nephew, Matthew Enhoffer of St. Petersburg FL, by his girlfriend, Cheryl Giacobe of Succasunna and by his cat, Eric.




Ray Enhoffer was a true gentleman, great friend and an invaluable asset to LP. He was always one step ahead making sure the LP gear was top notch, and always kept me in the loop of all new products. The love he had for his work was like no other. I will truly miss his sincere friendship and great sense of humor. May he rest in peace.
- Eddie Montalvo, LP Artist & Ruben Blades Conguero


Our LP family has lost a great friend, a brother, a true PATRIARCH, RAY ENHOFFER. He was the 3rd eye for musicians at LP. I will miss his laugh and that 2nd look I often got from him! With love and admiration, I will miss you…
- Karl Perazzo, LP Artist & Santana’s Timbalero


Ray’s contributions to LP and their instruments are too numerous to name. His passion…….priceless. He was a good man. A good friend and my smoking buddy. I will miss him.”
- Raul Rekow, LP Artist and Santana’s Conguero


Ray was a part of the LP family who contributed to LP’s success and innovation in percussion. It was an honor knowing him. He will be missed.
- Richie Gajate Garcia, LP Artist, Master Clinician & Percussionist


I’m so sorry to learn of Ray’s passing. Ray was always so kind to me and I’ll always remember the moments I shared with him at NAMM, laughing and joking together and of course, for all the great innovations he made to LP and the drumming community at large. His family and friends are in my heart and in my prayers.
- Kurt Rasmussen, LP Artist & Percussionist for “O” by Cirque du Soleil


I knew Ray professionally as an endorser and friend of LP. Upon my many visits to the office, Ray was always quick with a smile and greeting, and over the years we became friends. It quickly became apparent to me that he possessed two of the qualities that I admire in people: an unyieldingly high standard in his work (and what he demanded of himself at that work), and a perceptive eye for spotting the genuine article (which is a nice way to say that Ray could spot BS in a second). I considered him an expert in his field, a truly creative mind, a man who did the highest quality work with a minimum of fanfare, and a real gentleman. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting and working with him. Rest in peace, Ray.
– Joe Bergamini, LP Artist, Educator & Performer


I got to know Ray through my various visits at LP, PASIC and NAMM. He was a straight ahead type of person; no nonsense, what you see is what you get, and very sincere. Perhaps, that is why we got along so well. He was very knowledgeable not only as a designer of percussion products but also playing percussion which he had studied. Thank you my friend, RIP.
- Victor Rendon, LP Artist, Educator & Bandleader


I first met Ray when I was a kid helping setup the LP booth at PASIC Los Angeles around 1990. I didn’t see him again until 2005 at a NAMM show after I’d become an LP Artist. I knew his face but we couldn’t place the association. Two minutes later, Ray snapped his fingers and exclaimed he knew exactly where & when. Ray had just remembered some 19 year-old kid that helped him open up cardboard boxes one year at a PASIC show. Fifteen years had passed and to think about all the people he’d met in that time. Amazing!
-Matt O’Connor -LP Artist, Percussionist with Rod Stewart


I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Ray Enhoffer. I met him at the LP offices, quite some time ago, along with yourself, Martin Cohen, Marcia, Teresa, and we discussed about a piece of equipment I was missing (heavy duty clamp for bongo stand). A couple of days later I received it at a hotel that I was staying at while on tour in the USA with ANGGUN. He had made it especially for me and it has worked perfectly ever since. I still use it to this day. Thank you LP. Thanks Ray, RIP.
- Patrick Buchmann, LP Artist & Percussionist


I knew Ray professionally through my years as an editor at Modern Drummer, as well as a sometime contributor to LP promotional writing projects. I also knew him personally, since we were both residents of North Jersey and had similar playing backgrounds in the area clubs.

Ray was a rare combination of idealist and pragmatist–a man who could get as excited as a child about a cool new percussion “toy,” but who understood the realities of the music business. He was extremely generous with his time, his expertise, and his opinions. (And he’d express the latter with one of the driest wits I’ve ever known.)

Ray’s passing is a loss to drummers and percussionists everywhere. I know I’ll miss him tremendously.
- Rick Van Horn
Former editor, Modern Drummer Magazine
Current touring drummer, Jay & The Americans


I will always remember Ray for his quick sarcastic wit, his unyielding standards in his work, his infectious laugh and his soft spot for animals (and chocolate!). I am grateful to have known him and worked and traveled with him through the years at LP.
–Heidi Schaeffer, LP Creative Director


I’ll always remember Ray for his passion and commitment to sound, his love for dark chocolate, conversions about our kooky cats and the mystery coffee cup with stirrer that always sat warm on the suggestion box in the kitchen.

Ray’s spirit will forever reverberate through the universe and be carried on the sound waves of the instruments he helped create.
I will miss you,

- Nadine Fiume, LP Marketing Coordinator


Ray Enhoffer was one in a million! He had an outrageous sense of humor and never missed a beat when it came to finding humor in everyday life. We often enjoyed reciting lines from Seinfeld episodes and always, when we passed each other in the halls at LP; we would always greet each other with a HELLO RAYMOND – HELLO NEWMAN, mimicking Newman and Seinfeld.

Both chocoholics, I knew if there was dark chocolate in the office I better hurry and get my stash before Ray beat me to it. Usually he did!

His love of music, especially percussion, was obvious in the instruments that he helped design and his legacy will certainly live on for generations.

May heaven be overflowing with music and dark chocolate, dear friend, RIP.
– Marcia Stevenson, LP Sr. Website Manager


Ray was the face of percussion. He had a passion for it and would never settle for anything but the best in what he was working on. He cherished his job at LP as much as he cherished his daughter. He had a big heart and would always lend an ear if something was on your mind. Although Ray may have now passed on, his contributions to LP and the world of percussion will go on forever! Rest my friend!
-Steve Grecco, LP Director of National Sales


Ray was an integral part of LP’s history and reputation. His attention to detail and pursuit of perfection became hallmarks of what LP is known for. He contributed deeply to the creation of a first call brand used by top musicians the world over and has earned the complete respect of his peers for this accomplishment.
-Angelo Arimborgo, LP Director of Sales


Ray Enhoffer was a great friend and colleague. If he saw someone who needed a hand, he was the first person to help those in need. He had a strong personality, but underneath it was a compassionate, sensitive person who loved animals and appreciated life. We are all going to miss his acerbic wit and great sense of humor. Godspeed, Ray.
- Steve Nigohosian, LP Artists Relations Director


I worked with Ray for 14 years and he was a kindhearted and fun loving man. I remember when he told me that Kelly wanted a cat and wasn’t happy about the idea. Suddenly, when the cat was brought home, he couldn’t do enough for it. He would come in every day with a loving story about his new cat. That’s the kind of man Ray was. He was a chocoholic, as we all were, and I would have to ration the chocolate in my office before Ray came in and ate it all. Of course, the next day, he would come in with a replacement bag. He will not be forgotten in the world of music and our hearts.
-Catherine McDermott, Former LP Executive Assistant


My closest relationship with Ray was with food. Ray loved (like me) corn muffins. I remember the first time he saw me with one while I prepared my coffee at the LP and said “where is mine?”. I then shared half of it with him and he enjoyed it so much I knew better than to come to the office with ‘one muffin’ only!
-Memo Acevedo, LP Education Coordinator


“Raymond Enhoffer” is what I would call Ray when he was up to no good : )) Actually when we were both up to no good!!! Usually making fun of someone or planning a joke on someone. I’ll always remember Ray for his witty sense of humor, his huge smile and off course his passion and dedication for innovative creations. He has touched many in the Music Industry but most specially his “LP Family”. RIP Raymond
-Respectfully, Terry Tlatelpa, Artists Relations Coordinator