LP Debuts New and Improved Claw

Posted on January 16, 2015 by Chris Knowles

LP’s redesigned and improved Claw® — available on the new patent-pending EZ-Mount Mic Claw, Mic Claw, Perc Claw and Splash Claw—holds even tighter to drum and hand-percussion rims, amplifiers or other studio accessories, ensuring mics and other items remain in place. Additionally, the spring-loaded jaw makes mounting and precise placement quick and easy.

"Our claws are an industry standard used by drummers, percussionists and sound engineers," Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said. "We’re pleased with the improvements that we made.These changes will make mounting percussion items easier."

The new patent-pending LP591A EZ-Mount Mic Claw is manufactured from an LP exclusive, proprietary plastic blend that provides maximum strength and durability. Its spring-loaded jaw makes mounting and fine-tuning a breeze, while ensuring secure placement of mics on snares, toms, timbales, congas or other percussion instruments. This compact and ergonomic design includes a flexible goose neck, which holds 5/8-inch diameter mic clips. With an MSRP of $48, the EZ-Mount Mic Claw easily fits any budget.

The new and improved Claw®—available on the LP592A-X Mic Claw, LP592B-X Perc Claw and LP592S-X Splash Claw — keeps your accessories from rotating freely while making placement adjustments thanks to its ratcheting design. These three models, each with an MSRP of $59, include mounting rods.

The Mic Claw, LP592A-X, is ideal for mounting large, heavy microphones, on snares, toms and congas, and includes the 3/8-inch Z-Rod, which allows close or extended positioning and the rubber-lined jaw/mount isolates the mic from vibration and cross talk.

LP Presents Cajon Hats

Posted on January 16, 2015 by Chris Knowles

LP's Cajon Hats introduce the familiar hi-hat sound in the form of a compact, portable cajon add-on. This versatile, one of a kind, patent pending, first to market cajon accessory allows players to more fully express themselves sonically. By simply mounting LP’s Cajon Hats to their cajon musicians gain an essential cymbal sound without the fuss of heavy cymbals and a stand. With an affordable MSRP of $154, Cajon Hats easily fit into any budget.

Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said, "Percussionists and drum-set players miss the Indispensible, go-to sound of hi-hats when playing cajon. By adding the bright, crisp sound of our Cajon Hats to their instrument, players will be able to more fully and naturally express themselves."

Manufactured from premium B20 bronze, the 9-inch Cajon Hats are extremely durable. The player can explore a palette of traditional hi-hat wash by opening and closing the Cajon Hats with the easily adjusted thumbscrew. Additionally, the specially designed striker allows for stick-free playing. When finished, the Cajon Hats can be quickly removed for easy transport. Expand your sonic possibilities by adding LP’s Cajon Hats to your setup.

LP Clinics

Posted on January 12, 2015 by Chris Knowles

LP is firmly committed to music education. Each month, with the cooperation of retailers and schools, we schedule educational clinics and events with our most talented and knowledgeable endorsing artists.

Many of these events offer free (or very nominal) admission and all are designed to inspire, educate and entertain everyone in attendance. Please check with the event organizer for admission fees and start times.

January 16th Zoro Clinic Visible Music College 200 Madison Ave. Memphis, TENNESSEE Contact: Josh Kotte


February 19th Antonio Sanchez Drumming Clinic Drummers Collective 541 Avenue of the Americas New York, NEW YORK Contact: Tony Maggiolino