LP Artist Richie Gajate-Garcia Receives KoSA Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on December 09, 2014 by Chris Knowles


At the 19th Annual KoSA Drum and Percussion Camp the distinguished organization recognized one of percussion's most celebrated artists, Richie Gajate-Garcia, with their Lifetime Achievement award. The camp, held in Castleton, Vermont, brings together drummers and percussionists from around the world whose common passion for rhythm and education is expressed and developed for an unforgettable week.

Richie, a KoSA faculty alumni and enormously talented musician, who has performed with artists such as Christopher Cross, Sting and Phil Collins, said this about receiving the award, "I am grateful for this honor. I feel blessed to be able to do something that I love." Richie collaborated with LP to create the popular Gajate Bracket and Richie Gajate-Garcia Signature Series Congas and Bongos. Watch him introduce his congas and bongos here, and read more about Richie Gajate-Garcia click here.

According to Aldo Mazza (Co-Founder and Artistic Director of KoSA), the lifetime achievement award was presented to Gajate-Garcia for his great contribution to performance and education of Latin drumming and percussion. KoSA recognized that his unique ability to play in diverse musical styles is an invaluable inspiration to the world of percussion.

About presenting the award to Richie, Aldo Mazza along with his wife, Dr. Jolan Kovacs (Co-Founder and Project Coordinator), stated, "We have had the pleasure of having Richie Gajate-Garcia several times at KoSA. We know what a fabulous player he is having personally known him for many years, but at KoSA, we also witnessed the warmth and passion he has for his art form and how well he communicated his love for Latin percussion to the eager students. We felt it was high time to publicly acknowledge his talents not only as a performer but as a great educator–something that is dear to the KoSA mission."

The KoSA world is continuously in expansion with programs not only in the US (New York, Vermont and Miami), but in Cuba, Europe and in China. For more information on KoSA, visit kosamusic.com.