LP Dry Agogo Bells, Large Size




The LP Agogo Bell was originally designed in the 1960s to satisfy the world’s craving for a Brazilian musical style known as the Bossa Nova. A fusion of samba and jazz, the Bossa Nova was wildly popular with young musicians and college students. LP’s interpretation of the Brazilian Agogo Bell is distinctly bright and through years of extensive use on influential recordings, LP Agogo Bells have become the sound that is sought after globally. Today, the Agogo bell can be used in many musical genres, including jazz, rock, pop or samba—wherever you need an unmistakable bright and vivid accent.

  • Large Size, Dry Agogo Bells
  • Lower pitch and drier sound
  • Resemble the bells from the Bahia region of Brazil and have a flat steel handle that allows for the squeeze-and-strike style of playing
  • Made in USA