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About LP

For 60 Years,
We Are Rhythm

Since 1964, Latin Percussion has connected performers, audiences, and communities through rhythm. LP was forged by the vibrant mid-century New York City Latin jazz scene, which inspired founder Martin Cohen on a lifelong journey to develop traditional and innovative instruments from all cultures for percussionists ranging from professionals to elementary age. Over the last 60-plus years, LP has become an iconic musical instrument brand that transcends genre and includes appearances on more recordings and live performances than any other brand.

We Are Rhythm

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Retrace the LP journey through classic moments and patented innovations and discover the roots of LP’s passionate rhythm that brings joy to people all over the world.

Martin Cohen

Stories: Partners In Greatness

Hear from LP legends.

Tune in to our Partners in Greatness video series to get the inside stories from the people who made LP into a global percussion brand.

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The World's Best Percussionists Play LP


The Original.

For six decades LP (Latin Percussion) has been the go-to brand for discerning drummers and hand percussionists the world over. From congas and bongos to cowbells, blocks and beyond, LP is a defining force in world music. And while there are many who have entered this space, once thing is still clear… LP is (and always will be) the original!

LP... The Original.


LP... The Original. (Then)

LP... The Original. (Then)

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LP. The Original.Play LP... The Original. (Now)

LP... The Original. (Now)

LP Top Tuning CongasPlay LP... The Original. (Forever)

LP... The Original. (Forever)

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