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Mona Tavakoli Signature Cajons


Make noise with Mona.

Cajons designed and built to inspire players of all sizes.

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Mona Tavakoli

Mona Tavakoli

Mona Tavakoli is a Los Angeles-based drummer and singer. While Mona is renowned for her work as a multi-genre drummer and a percussionist, she is especially known for incorporating the cajón into unexpected styles such as rock and pop. Mona’s professional musical career in 1999, when she helped form Raining Jane, an all-female rock band. Most recently, Mona and Raining Jane co-wrote and recorded YES! (Atlantic Records) with Jason Mraz. Mona and Mraz have been collaborating for nearly a decade. She tours worldwide with Mraz and they have performed together as a duo on multiple television broadcasts.

Perhaps Mona’s greatest passion is teaching children the power of music. Mona co-founded Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles, a nonprofit that encourages girls to find their voices through music during an inspirational, weeklong summer day-camp. Mona was the recipient of the 2016 She Rocks “Inspire Award” for her work with the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls. Mona’s MT Box Cajons, designed in conjunction with LP, feature dual playing surfaces and Mona's unique graduated three-sound hole design.

Mona Tavakoli Signature MT Box Cajon

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