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LP60 Zebra Dandy Bongos 7-1/4" & 9"

LP60 Zebra Dandy Bongos 7-1/4" & 9"

As part of its 60th anniversary, LP is paying tribute to Dandy Rodriguez with limited, zebra wood bongos.

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LP60 Zebra "Dandy" Bongos


LP60 Zebra "Dandy" Bongos

LP is kicking off its 60th Anniversary by celebrating the legendary John “Dandy” Rodriguez with a limited edition set of 7-1/4” and 9” bongos. Similar to LP’s earliest instruments crafted from exotic woods, these bongos feature striking single-ply Zebra Wood stave shells, traditional Cuban bottoms, and more. Limited to 200 units and each is signed and numbered by Dandy himself.

LP60 Zebra "Dandy" Bongos

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Play LP60 "Sesenta" feat. Dandy Rodriguez

LP60 "Sesenta" feat. Dandy Rodriguez

Play Partners in Greatness: John "Dandy" Rodriguez

Partners in Greatness: John "Dandy" Rodriguez

Play LP Stories: John "Dandy" Rodriguez

LP Stories: John "Dandy" Rodriguez

John "Dandy" Rodríguez Jr.


John "Dandy" Rodriguez

At 17 years old John earned a place playing bongos in the Tito Puente Orchestra and thus began his career and a lifetime association with the King of Latin Music. John spent over 30 years with the Tito Puente Orchestra, also working with Tito Rodriguez, Ray Barretto as well as his successful ‘Tipica 73’ band. Following Tito Puente’s death in 2000 John got together with Jose Madera and Mitch Frohman and they formed the Latin Giants Orchestra in 2001. The band has released two albums which have been recognized internationally.

Today, John refuses to rest on his laurels and continues to work tirelessly to promote Latin music and further its progression worldwide. He is very active with the Mambo Legends Orchestra, which features the stars of the former Tito Puente Orchestra. The band performs the famed Palladium days music of Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Machito, and also recorded The Giants Play the Music of the Palladium.

In 2009, John entrusted LP's with developing the LP Legends Series John "Dandy" Rodriguez, Jr. Bongos. The drums have sound and visual features that John is proud to have his name on.

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